JINGLE BELLS ACADEMY is an educational institution where mainstreaming is provided for differently abled children.

Here, children with special needs are included with their peers who have no disabilities.

They sit in the General classroom under the same roof altogether.

Jingle Bells Academy does not discriminate between able and differently abled children. No labelling is done here.

The goal of Mainstreaming is to achieve that balance specialized education and regular class time which best serves the special needs students.

In Jingle Bells Academy, children enjoy field trips and Indoor-outdoor activities together.

Our Inclusive System provides a better quality education for all children and are instrumental in changing discriminatory attitudes.

Jingle Bells Academy provides the context for a child’s first relationship with the world outside their families, enabling the development of social relationships and interactions.

Respect and Understanding grow when students of diverse abilities and backgrounds play, socialize and learn together.

We believe in