Jingle Bells Education Society which is working for the Individual with Special Needs Since 2001. In the vision to develop special individual, it has set up a unit service i.e school for autism or autistic children in East Delhi by the name of Jingle Bells Academy Inclusive Education.

Jingle Bells Academy Inclusive Education – A School for Autism

A unit institution by Jingle Bells Education Society to train individuals with special needs with inclusive education needs such as Autism, Down syndrome, Development Delay and so on. Jingle Bells Academy is Delhi’s oldest school for autism and research centre for Autistic individual providing holistic learning under one unit – a special school, early intervention centre, counselling centre, information cell and an outreach cell.

An Introduction to Autism:

 Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological issue (a “mind” sickness) described by the nearness of steady (continuous) correspondence and social issues. It is a formative issue, which starts in early youth and proceeds all through life. Chemical imbalance range issue influences pretty much every part of life en route. Intellectual (thinking and language) and social aptitudes are normally formatively deferred contrasted with their companions without the confusion. Be that as it may, their engine (development) abilities create in an increasingly regular way.


Jingle Bells Academy – A School for Autism Children in East Delhi

 Jingle Bells Academy is an inclusive education school for the individuals with special needs. Here in Jingle Bells Academy both General Children and Special Children get admission and learn academic and life skills simultaneously.

Jingle Bells Academy Offer Various Learning Program and Course for Special Individuals which are therapy based.

The highlights of the program offered in this school are:-

  • A real existence focused way to deal with educational program wanting to address the issues of youngster and family
  • A diverse mix of various ways to deal with build up a comprehensive way to deal with address singular issues. A portion of the methodologies on which mediation for the medically introverted is based are TEACCH, ABA (with little gathering of understudies), and the restorative utilization of dramatization, music, move, horse riding, and yoga. The conduct the board systems are structured by singular needs. Encouraging feedback systems are usually utilized to educate
  • Tactile Integration treatment is a significant piece of the intercession program.
  • For the advanced incorporated gathering scholastics is an indispensable educational program region Montessori Method and material is utilized in study halls with adjustments as indicated by the individual youngster..
  • PC with the most recent programming is consistently utilized for by and large improvement of the understudy
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Sports and Cultural Activities
  • Exercises of everyday living and dealing with his/her condition are instructed, all things considered, circumstances kitchen, washroom and changing area. The understudies figure out how to cause beds, to organize garments in cabinets, individual prepping, washing garments, cooking
  • Professional Training for youth over 16 yrs. of age-Vocational aptitudes educated are adornments configuration, welcoming cards making, planting

Behavioural Therapy Unit

Division of Occupational Therapy Unit and obliges actuation of individual’s material needs. It gives multi-unmistakable treatment to material, visual, sound-related, proprioceptive and vestibular sensations. The OT office further offers opportunity to improving motor capacities after material blend session.

Capacities thrice in seven days with a multidisciplinary group of specialists involving analyst/instructor, Special teacher or educator, language teacher, word related advisor and physiotherapist.